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bridge cranes

bridge cranes 
bridge cranes WORKSTATION 
With a Spanco Workstation Bridge Crane, loads from 250 to 4000 pounds can be easily moved along the bridge to any point within the rectangle formed by the two runways.
Eliminate manual lifting: empower a single worker to move loads from workstation to workstation.
Supplement or replace multiple jib cranes and/or forklifts.
Free-up your existing overhead crane for larger loads: use your Spanco Freestanding Workstation Bridge Crane to quickly move loads up to two tons
Install flexibility: freestanding bridge cranes are ideal for rented facilities or when workflow changes are possible; they are easily relocated and typically require only a standard concrete floor for installation.
These durable, super efficient bridge cranes can be fully customized, including telescoping or cantilevered bridges, tractor drives, mixed capacity systems, and more.

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