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truck accident attorney los angeles

truck accident attorney los angeles
Need truck accident attorney los angeles
Los Angeles Truck Accident Attorney
Truck accidents can often be much more complicated than mere auto accidents, involving multiple parties, companies and entities that may be held liable for resulting injuries and loss. Because of the complexities involved in a truck accident claim, seeking the advocacy of an experienced attorney is vital to protecting oneself and getting back on one’s feet.
Proven Experience
One of the most important aspects of seeking an attorney is understanding their specific personal injury experience. Even within the practice of personal injury, different attorneys may have more experience handling more complicated claims, such as accidents involving commercial vehicles and 18 wheelers. After handling countless truck accident lawsuits and claims, David Shoop understands the details and interactions necessary for helping injured clients seek fair compensation for the injuries and loss tied to the negligence of a truck driver, employers and even maintenance companies involved.

In addition to experience handling trucking accidents, having access to resources, including personnel, finances and experts, is imperative to fully understanding the minute details tied to a commercial vehicle accident. David Shoop has access to necessary people and experts who can fully investigate a truck accident while revealing important details that can help clients recover, pay medical bills and get their health and well being back on track after enduring serious injuries, brain injuries or catastrophic injuries.

Aggressive Representation

Insurance companies representing trucking companies are often quick to begin their own investigations and usually have their clients’ interests at heart no matter what an injured victim endures. Understanding the various tricks and tactics used by insurance companies and their representatives is an important part of protecting an injured client’s best interest and effectively representing the family of those killed in a tragic truck accident. With a clear comprehension of the laws, details and different parties that may possibly be involved in a commercial or trucking accident, David Shoop has the tools necessary to aggressively represent clients and their family members who may not be able to take on the multi-million dollar insurance industries.

The high truck traffic that exists across the state of California and throughout the Los Angeles region makes it vital that truck companies and employees are following established standards and regulations in an effort to protect other drivers sharing the road, David Shoop has the resources to hold negligent companies and drivers responsible for carelessness leading to a commercial wreck.

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